Monday, April 7, 2014

Thursday, December 12, 2013

big sigh of relief

the semester just wrapped up. oddly enough, when i consider that the semester is over, i'm feeling a little down. i realize that i'll probably never do any more wheel throwing or painting again - and that's pretty damn sad. i haven't gotten my grades back in either of those classes, but i think i did well in both. i had a leg up in wheel throwing because i had taken it before - but my work didn't actually get that much better. on the final project (some 30 pieces - 15 of which i turned in) the glazes came out wrong and it was really disappointing. regardless, ceramics had become a sort of therapy for me. i'd have a bad throwing day here and there but for the most part it was a really enjoyable experience. keep in mind that most of my pieces loose major points when you see how i glaze them. i never took to glazing. it's the worst.
painting was another story. while in throwing i was very concerned with technically sound pieces (light weight, even walls, comfortable handles...) but in painting i just let my instincts take over. i'm comfortable with most of the work that i made and actually really enjoy a couple of them - meaning that there are only a couple that i would really like to throw out and i have one hanging on the wall.
the other day somebody suggested that i put a piece where i thought it didn't belong and i really fell in love with that idea. in my final painting i made a sort of grid pattern and i used the idea of putting things where they don't belong. it makes me want to look at the painting more - this is coming from somebody that has never wanted to look at a painting more. i draw/paint lines almost to complete a compulsion. i like what lines and grids symbolize (an ongoing line or grid) but i also really like the way they divide and deconstruct an image.
so anyways, i guess it makes sense that i'm a little upset about being done with these classes. i learned something about myself and i enjoyed both of them greatly. i am grateful to be done with my art history classes. they were both highly beneficial to me - but for various reasons (pretty sure that was the last paper i'll ever have to write) i'm relieved to be done.
now i would like to go to sleep and not wake up until 1 or 2pm. god that would be amazing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Birdos visited and hung out with the Bug 

We made cupcakes with a carrot and a heart

and then I made another painting 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm very much a beginner at painting but I'm finding my own style. It has been fun.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

hello there

here's a quick update:
yesterday i was really missing home. this happens just about every time that the family is having a party that i cannot attend. potato and i tried to make the best of it. we had a pretty epic date-day. it started by going to see the movie gravity in imax 3d. i don't remember the last time that i went to an imax movie and i don't think i've ever been to an imax 3d movie. it was the perfect movie to see in this format. it was beautifully shot and about space (!!!). imax 3d is pretty damn expensive, but it was well worth it for this movie. when we were leaving the theater i realized my mouth hurt because i had been clenching my jaw for the last hour and a half. ps - potato flinched when space junk flew at his face.
after the movie we went to the store and made dinner. after dinner we had a really fun competition. we played best of three ping pong. i killed him the first game but by the second and third game he remembered how to do a forehand return. we then had a card house challenge. i beat him with a 4th level. it wasn't pretty but it was pretty sturdy. we played a couple of video games and then had a round of bozo buckets. the looser had to by the winner a gift. needless to say, potato got an early christmas present. we caught up on parks and rec and called it a night.
we're going out a lot less than we used to which i think is nice. part of it is because we're poor but another part is because a lot of the time i just want to be home with my boys. now that just about all of our good friends have moved i don't feel motivated enough to go out. we still have friends here, but we're either not as close or not as comfortable with them so it always feels like an effort to hang out. a lot of times it's just easier to stay in. i sound old.
i think that's it for this update. otherwise i've just been waiting for the birdos visit and thanksgiving. both are rapidly approaching.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is anybody else really excited about the family grab bag this year? I honestly can't wait to find out who I have.